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Over time, I have developed a strong connection with the natural world by interacting with it through outdoor activities such as skiing, hunting, climbing, rafting, and hiking. These experiences have allowed me to enter into higher levels of consciousness, and they serve as the primary source of inspiration for my art. I use photography to capture and express the wholeness that nature evokes in me, experimenting with long exposures, different focusing techniques, and color manipulation to achieve my objective.


However, with the advent of AI-generated art, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between human and computer-generated digital pieces. As I use a digital camera to create my images, I now feel the need to infuse a human touch into my work. My current objective is to achieve this by incorporating embroidery.


Embroidery has been a part of my life since childhood, and as I started incorporating it into my work, I rediscovered and re-explored my connections to family, childhood, and ancestors. By using embroidery in my art, I feel a sense of reconnecting with my ancestral roots.


In summary, my work aims to convey the idea of reconnecting with oneself and nature, and I am constantly exploring new ways to achieve this goal through my art.



Bachelors in Fine Arts, Focus on sculpture with a Minor in Photography, Universidad San Francisco de Quito-Ecuador




2015 Evermore Gallery, Inner Impressions, Photography, Boise-ID



2023  Idaho Commission on the Arts Quarterly Recipient, Boise, ID

2023   Art Source Gallery, Local from Global, Boise, ID

2022   Art Source Gallery, Local from Global, Boise, ID

2021    Art Source Gallery, Local from Global, Boise-ID

2014    Art Exchange, Evermore Gallery, Mix Media, Boise-ID

2009   Annual Members Exhibit, 1078 Gallery, Photography, Chico-CA

2006   8th Annual Abstraction Juried Online International Exhibit, Photography, Upstream People Gallery, US

2000   Hasta la vista Baby, El Container Gallery,  Installation, Quito-Ecuador

2000   Blanco y Negro, Alianza Francesa,  Photography, Quito-Ecuador

1995   Simbolos, Colegio de Ingenieros,  Installation, Quito-Ecuador



2010   Saint Luke’s Hospital, Photograph, Twin Falls-ID



2018   IPA International Photo Award, Honorable Mention, Los Angeles-CA

2008   IPA International Photo Awards, Honorable Mention, among 25,000 participants, Los Angeles-CA



2007   Salmon Nation Project, Music-Poetry and Art from the North West, Portland, OR

2005   Coeur d’Alene Magazine, Winter issue, Lifestyles  -Vagabundos-   Coeur d’Alene, ID

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